Any person who made a submission on the proposed Natural Resources Plan may appeal the Council’s decisions to the Environment Court. Appellants may only appeal on a provision or a matter in the decisions if they referred to the relevant provision or matter in their submission. An appeal could not seek the withdrawal of the proposed Natural Resources Plan as a whole.

Timeframes for filing appeals were:
  • Any notice of appeal must be lodged by 5pm Wednesday 18 September 2019, and
  • Any section 274 notice to be lodged by 5pm Wednesday 9 October 2019

The appeals process is managed by the Environment Court. All minutes and directions issued by the Environment Court are available here: 

A number of appeals (30) were filed with the Environment Court and copies of the appeal notices are available here:  

A number of parties filed applications to join an appeal as a section 274 party, and copies of these applications are available here: 

Council has proposed a grouping of topics, subtopics and the appellant and section 274 parties for direct engagement and Court assisted mediation below:






Regional Coastal Plan:

Within the Proposed Natural Resources Plan, an objective, policy, rule and other method was labelled with a coastal icon if it forms part of the Regional Coastal Plan.  All appeals made on a Regional Coastal Plan provision or matter were served on the Minister of Conservation, and are identified by the coastal icon label:  Coastal icon