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Environment Court directions

All minutes issued by the Environment Court relating to waivers and directions, filing and service requirements are here:

Pre-hearing Conference

Please be advised that the Court will hold a judicial conference, for all appellants and section 274 parties.  

The Court has given notice that a pre-hearing conference will be held at 10:00am on 20 November 2019 in Courtroom 5.01, District Court Building, 5th Floor, 49 Ballance Street, Wellington, tel (04) 9188300, fax (04) 918 8303.

The purpose of the conference is detailed in the Court's Notice dated 29 October 2019.

Service Requirements


To assist with service requirements of appeals, we provide address for service lists including email service (shown below):

Note updates to the address for service as at 20 September 2019 below:


Any person who made a submission on the Proposed Natural Resources Plan may appeal the Council’s decisions to the Environment Court.  Please note that you may only appeal on a provision or a matter in the decisions if you referred to the relevant provision or matter in your submission.  An appeal cannot seek the withdrawal of the proposed Natural Resources Plan as a whole.  The timeframe to file any appeal to the Environment Court has now closed.

See Form 7: ENVC-07-notice-appeal-proposed-policy-or-plan-decision-1.docx 

Joining an Appeal

You can become a section 274 party to the proceedings if you lodged a submission on the subject matter of the appeal or if you have an interest in the proceedings greater than the public generally. The timeframe to file any section 274 notice to join an appeal with the Environment Court has now closed.

See Form 33 ENVC-33-notice-wish-to-be-party-to-prceedings.docx


  • Timeframes to file any notice of appeal closed at 5pm Wednesday, 18 September 2019.
  • Timeframes to file any section 274 notice closed at 5pm Wednesday, 9 October 2019.

Regional Coastal Plan:

If an appeal is made on a Regional Coastal Plan provision or matter then a copy of the appeal must also be served on the Minister of Conservation.

  • How are the objectives, policies, rules, and other methods labelled in the PNRP to identify the Regional Coastal Plan?

Coastal icon 

Within the PNRP an objective, policy, rule and other method has a coastal icon if it forms part of the Regional Coastal Plan.