Appeals Resolved

Appeals and section 274 notices lodged with the Environment Court can be found within the PNRP Portal. 

An ‘Appeals version’ of the PNRP has been updated on the website.  

The ‘Appeals version’ identifies which parts of the PNRP are subject to appeals and therefore may change as a result of the appeals process; it also identifies which parts of the PNRP are not subject to any appeals and therefore deemed as operative.

Where appeals are resolved, Consent Orders will be issued by the Environment Court and will be recorded in the table below. The relevant sections of the PNRP will then be updated and made available on Council’s website. Please note that the Council is not providing an annotation service and each person is responsible for updating their hard copies of the PNRP.

Environment Court Reference


S274 Parties

Appeal Documents

PNRP Chapter(s) / Topic(s)



Transpower NZ Ltd

Royal Forest and Bird Society Inc


Chapter 5.7 /  Coastal Management

Resolved in part 



CentrePort Ltd and CentrePort Properties Ltd



CentrePort-Ltd-CentrePort-Properties-Ltd-Notice-of-Appeal-2019-09-20.PDF Section 5.7.3 - Maintenance, repair, additions and alterations to existing structures - Rule R149 (and consequential amendment to Rule R174)

Resolved in part