Hearings 2015-2018

Hearings on the PNRP

The Hearing Panel assumed the responsibility for the hearings process from the 30 September 2015 to completion in 31 August 2018.  Evidence provided at the hearings is available under the relevant hearing stream topics along with the audio recordings.

  • Hearing Stream 1 - Overall policy framework for the proposed plan, Beneficial Use and Development, and Areas and sites with significant mana whenua values.
  • Hearing Stream 2 - Air Quality Management, Land use in riparian margins and stock access to water bodies, and Soil Conservation.
  • Hearing Stream 3 - Water Allocation, and Natural Form and Function.
  • Hearing Stream 4 - Water quality and Stormwater
  • Hearing Stream 5 - Beds of lakes and rivers; Wetlands and biodiversity; Discharges to land
  • Hearing Stream 6 - Coast; Natural Hazards; Significant historic heritage values; Contaminated land and hazardous substances; Discharges within drinking water supply protection areas.