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GE Free New Zealand is scheduled to appear at Hearing Stream 1 on 7 June 2017 at 3:45pm

S139 Donald Nordeng - Hearing Evidence
104 KB S139-David-Norgeng-Hearing-Evidence.pdf
S139 James Kebbell - Hearing Evidence
254 KB HS1-S139-James-Kebbell-Hearing-Evidence.pdf
S139 Claire Bleakley - Hearing Evidence
349 KB HS1-S139-Claire-Bleakley-Hearing-Evidence.pdf
S139 Legal Submissions - Hearing Evidence
460 KB HS1-S139-Legal-Submissions-Hearing-Evidence.pdf
S139 Attachment A Field Test Locations - Hearing Evidence
80 KB HS1-S139-Attachment-A-Field-Test-Locations-Hearing-Evidence.pdf
S139 Attachment B MAFBNZ Investigation - Hearing Evidence
565 KB HS1-S139-Attachment-B-MAFBNZ-Investigation-Hearing-Evidence.pdf
S139 Attachment C ERMA report - Hearing Evidence
4.5 MB HS1-S139-Attachment-C-ERMA-report-Hearing-Evidence.pdf
S139 Attachment D Sewing Seeds of Discord Article - Hearing Evidence
383 KB HS1-S139-Attachment-D-Sewing-Seeds-of-Discord-Article-Hearing-Evidence.pdf
S139 Attachment E Research Article - Hearing Evidence
866 KB HS1-S139-Attachment-E-Research-Article-Hearing-Evidence.pdf
S139 Managing Risks Associated with Outdoor Use of GMOs - Hearing Evidence
1.7 MB HS1-S139-Managing-Risks-Associated-with-Outdoor-Use-of-GMOs-Hearing-Evidence.pdf
S139 Soil & Health Association submission on Far North District Plan - Hearing Evidence
469 KB HS1-S139-Soil-Health-Association-submission-on-Far-North-District-Plan-Hearing-Evidence.pdf
HS1 S139 Claire Bleakley, Misha Davis, Donald Norgeng, James Kebbell
24 MB HS1 S139 Claire Bleakley Misha Davis Donald Norgeng James Kebbell
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