Rangitāne o Wairarapa Inc

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Rangitāne o Wairarapa Inc is scheduled to appear at Hearing Stream 1 on 24 May 2017 at 3:45pm

S279 Jason Kerehi, Chairperson of Rangitāne Settlement Negotiations Trust - Hearing Evidence
1.9 MB S279-Jason-Kerehi-Chairperson-of-Rangitane-Settlement-Negotiations-Trust-Hearing-Evidence-.pdf
S279 Mike Kawana, Cultural Advisor - Hearing Evidence
427 KB S279-Mike-Kawana-Cultural-Advisor-Hearing-Evidence.pdf
S279 Appendix A - Area of interest - Hearing Evidence
762 KB S279-Appendix-A-Area-of-interest-Hearing-Evidence.jpg
S279 Appendix B - Coastal Pā and Kainga - Hearing Evidence
680 KB S279-Appendix-B-Coastal-Pa-and-Kainga-Hearing-Evidence.jpg
S279 Appendix C - Cultivation and Mahinga Kai Sites - Hearing Evidence
663 KB S279-Appendix-c-Cultivation-and-Mahinga-Kai-Sites-Hearing-Evidence.jpg
S279 Appendix D -Inland Pā, Kainga, Bush Clearings - Hearing Evidence
398 KB S279-Appendix-D-Inland-Pa-Kainga-Bush-Clearings-Hearing-Evidence.jpg
S279 Appendix E - Rivers - Hearing Evidence
772 KB S279-Appendix-E-Rivers-Hearing-Evidence.jpg
S279 Phillip Percy, Planner - Hearing Evidence
3 MB S279-Phillip-Percy-Planner-Hearing-Evidence.pdf
S279 Phillip Percy, speaking notes - Hearing Evidence
367 KB S279-Phillip-Percy-speaking-notes-Hearing-Evidence.pdf
HS1 S279 Jason Kerehi, Phil Percy
26 MB HS1-S279-Jason-Kerehi-Phil-Percy.mp3
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