Surfbreak Protection Society Incorporated

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Surfbreak Protection Society Incorporated is scheduled to appear at Hearing Stream 1 on 7 June 2017 at 12:48pm

S75 Legal evidence on CPS 2008 - Hearing evidence
147 KB S75-Legal-evidence-on-CPS-2008-Hearing-evidence.pdf
S75 SPS submission on Port Otago Limited Resource consent application - Hearing Evidence
923 KB S75-SPS-submission-on-Port-Otago-Limited-Resource-consent-application-Hearing-Evidence.pdf
S75 Michael Gunson, Identification of Wellington Regional Surfbreaks - Hearing evidence
3.3 MB S75-michael-Gunson-Identification-of-Wellington-Regional-Surfbreaks-Hearing-evidence.pdf
S75 NZCPS Board of Inquiry vol 2 - Hearing evidence
1.9 MB S75-NZCPS-Board-of-Inquiry-vol-2-Hearing-evidence.pdf
S75 NZCPS 2010 Guidance note P13 - Hearing evidence
295 KB S75-NZCPS-2010-Guidance-note-P13-Hearing-evidence.pdf
S75 NZCPS 2010 Guidance note P15 - hearing evidence
281 KB S75-NZCPS-2010-Guidance-note-P15-hearing-evidence.pdf
S75 NZCPS 2010 Guidance note P16 - Hearing evidence
1.1 MB S75-NZCPS-2010-Guidance-note-P16-Hearing-evidence.pdf
S75 SPS email with GWRC - Hearing evidence
17 KB S75-SPS-email-with-GWRC-Hearing-evidence.docx
S75 Significant surfbreaks for the Greater Wellington Region - Hearing evidence
8.9 MB S75-Significant-surfbreaks-for-the-Greater-Wellington-Region-Hearing-evidence.pdf
S75 Powerpoint Presentation
647 KB S75-Powerpoint-Presentation.pptx
S75 comments from Ed Atkin avoiding adverse effects on surf breaks - Hearing Evidence
84 KB S75-comments-from-Ed-Atkin-avoiding-adverse-effects-on-surf-breaks-Hearing-Evidence.pdf
S75 Kaituna Cut Surf Break Investigation - Preliminary Assessment - Hearing Evidence
3.5 MB S75-Kaituna-Cut-Surf-Break-Investigation-Preliminary-Assessment-Hearing-evidence.pdf
S75 Kaituna Cut Surf break Mediation notes 11-02-16 - Hearing Evidence
2.5 MB S75-Kaituna-Cut-Surf-break-Mediation-notes-11-02-16-Hearing-Evidence.pdf
S75 King Salmon Think Piece - Hearing Evidence
443 KB S75-King-Salmon-Think-Piece-Hearing-Evidence.pdf
S75 Planning approaches for the management of Surf Breaks in NZ - Hearing evidence
2.7 MB S75-Planning-approaches-for-the-management-of-Surf-Breaks-in-New-Zealand-Skellern-et-al-2013-Hearing-Evidence.pdf
HS1 S75 SPS correspondence with Jeff Fletcher re Kaituna Cut - Hearing evidence
1.1 MB HS1-S75-SPS-correspondence-with-Jeff-Fletcher-re-Kaituna-Cut-Hearing-evidence.pdf
HS1 S75 SPS vs Port Otago Limited settlement - Hearing evidence
310 KB HS1-S75-SPS-vs-Port-Otago-Limited-settlement-Hearing-evidence.pdf
FS75 SPS - Hearing Summary Statement
708 KB HS1-FS75-SPS-Hearing-Summary-Statement.pdf
HS1 FS75 Michael Gunson, Mark Shanks
12 MB HS1 FS75 Michael Gunson Mark Shanks
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