Welcome to GWRC's Portal for the proposed Natural Resources Plan (PNRP). The integrated PNRP replaces five regional plans for managing the coast, soil, discharges to land, fresh water and air.  

Decisions on the PNRP were publicly notified on 31 July 2019, and from the date of the public notice the proposed Natural Resources Plan was amended in accordance with those decisions. 

Plan users should refer to the Appeals version of the PNRP as the most up to date version. 

The Appeals version identifies which parts of the PNRP are subject to appeals and therefore may change as a result of the appeals process.  It also identifies which parts of the PNRP are not subject to any appeals and rules which are therefore deemed operative.  This version is updated for court orders where appeals have been resolved together with Clause 16 amendments.

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Appeals version


Decisions version

Clause 16 amendments to the PNRP

The amendments to the rules in the Decisions version of the PNRP take legal effect from the date of public notification.  These provisions replace those in place since notification of the proposed Natural Resources Plan (31 July 2015) in accordance with Section 86B of the Resource Management Act 1991.

The Natural Resources Plan will not be fully operative until all appeals are resolved.  Where a rule of a proposed Plan has not been appealed, in accordance with Section 86F it must be treated as operative (and any previous rule as inoperative). 

The Council is required to publicly notify the date on which the Natural Resources Plan becomes operative – at least five working days before the date on which it becomes operative.

Appeals on the PNRP

The period for filing appeals with the Environment Court on the Decisions version of the PNRP closed on 18 September 2019.  Appeals not resolved through mediation will be heard by the Environment Court commencing the week of 6 September 2021.

Appeal notices are available here.

All parties who joined an appeal as a Section 274 party are available here.

Environment Court directions and minutes issued are available here.

Court notices of mediation are available here.

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