Welcome to GW's Hearings Portal for the proposed Natural Resources Plan. 

Please be advised that an extension to the time limit for decisions on submissions has been granted to 31 July 2019.


Hearings are complete. 

All updates and information will continue to be made available on the portal.

The Panel will notify its decisions on submissions once it has received all the information required, and completed deliberations.  If you have questions about the plan or the hearings, please contact us

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Hearings held:

Hearing Stream 1   Overall policy framework for the proposed plan, Beneficial Use and Development, & Areas and sites with significant mana whenua values 22 May 2015
Hearing Stream 2 Air Quality Management, Land use in riparian margins and stock access to water bodies, & Soil Conservation 10 July 2017
Hearing Stream 3 Water Allocation & Natural Form and Function 5 September 2017
Hearing Stream 4 Water quality & Stormwater 12 February 2018
Hearing Stream 5 Beds of lakes and rivers, Wetlands and Biodiversity, Discharges to land 

9 April 2018

Hearing Stream 6 Coast, Natural Hazards, Significant historic heritage values, Contaminated land, and hazardous substances, Discharges within community drinking water supply protection areas

28 May 2018

Updates on the Proposed Natural Resources Plan hearing process will be provided periodically:

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